【engsub】【makeup tips】11 điều nhỏ nhưng nâng tầm lớp makeup của bạn|sẽ không ai nói cho bạn biết đâu🆘

Hi guys. I am going to go the cinema. So, let’s get ready with mee. I am going wear the contac lens. Im going to use Shu Uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Foundation. I apply this foundation a bit. I want my skin to be soft and glow. Shu Uemura is my best choice. Because it’s very light. When we use foudation brushs,. Use a brush to spread the foundation evenly. I am going to spread it out like this. After that I am going to pat it. Notice the point where I applied the foundation. it is the brightest area on the face. So, I don’t need to contour too much. Look ! I just used a little foundation. Maybe 2 drops. More and less coverage is up to you. In this case, I don’t need coverage too much. just have a glossy effect on the face. I’ve been using it quite a bit lately. I mentioned it in a recent makeup video. Put it in the back of my hand.

There’s a tactic when you want to cover up better. And put it in the dark circles. Some people ask me about the brushes I’m using. Most of them are Chinese domestic makeup brushes. it is quality. about 500,000 to 600.000 vnd. Concealer’s texture will be thicker than foundation. unless the foundation is high coverage. The laugh lines and the dark corner of the mouth make us look older. The colors of the regions are not the same. Get even skin tone. Besides, don’t forget skincare. Move on to the powder step. I am going to baking powder on the undereye area. An impotant tip : use products with liquid texture first. Only when you cover up all of the blemishes, you’re allowed to apply powder. When we applied the powder, we shouldn’t add more liquid products. That makes your skin look uneven. I am not going to contour my face.

My face is sunken. I didn’t apply the powder to full my face. The areas are still a bit moist. When you want to use lipsticks as the blush. You should choose a lipstick that is light, soft and easy to blend. if you choose a lipstick that is too thick , it’ll not create a good effect on your face. Look ! It’s so soft. I use a Zeesea lipstick. It has code #511. Don’t put it on your cheek right away. Put on your hand, blend it, and apply to your cheek. This make the cheek color more beautiful. Check out my old videos which are very detailed. While waiting for the foundation to dry, let’s move on to the brow step. Behind my eyebrows are thin, and the front of my eyebrows are thicker. The eyebrows shape is pretty good. Let’s watch to the last minute of my video. Next step, push your hair up. Don’t touch your face skin.

This step makes your eyebrow shape. My secret is an adhesive. You should use clear adhesive. Let shape it. Looking clean more. it still works even if you are lazy to take care of your eyebrows. Next, we use an eyeliner that’s super light. I usually use it for my the eye fat . Fill in the gaps. do it many times, you will do well. do the same with the opposite eyebrow. Because it’s a clean style, focus a lot on the eyebrows. Put concealer underneath the eyebrows. It’s looking messy, but that is my intention. Okay, the eyebrows is done. I’m going to apply eyeshadow now. I will only use one eye color. we can use eyeshadow, cream blush or lipstick. all of them are ok. On hot days, don’t use cream or liquid products. I will apply the lower eyeshadow with a brush. This makes the color more visible and keeps the concealer active.

Next i will apply eyeliner, i use eyeshadow to do it When using cream eyeshadow, you will see a small line on the eyelid. it’s okay, you’ll fix it when you’re done with makeup With this eyeliner style, any eyeshadow palette will be suitable, however, do not choose an eyeshadow palette that is easily to fall out If you put the brush lightly, there will be no tears pen parallel to the eyelid Don’t let the 90 degree angle make you blink there are many videos on how to clip eyelashes The first and most important thing is to clean the eyelash curler If mascara is left on the eyelash curler, that will break and not look good.

My lashes are short and thin. do not touch the skin. Apply a little powder to set the foundation. push the eyelashes into the gap of the eyelash curler. raise your arm a little. Do the same next time. Makeup looks a bit too much to go to the movies . But I don’t care hihi. I will use false eyelashes so I don’t put on too much mascara. I have 2 types: thick and thin. Each type will have its own effect. an old video has detailed instructions on that. I will use the thin one. add a little blush. I use color number 18. If using lipstick instead of blush, remove makeup thoroughly. and quickly blend. I’m late already. lip base with color number 16. and use a different color to create the ombre effect. this will make your hair bulge. wear earrings. I drew more fake moles. Thank you so much everyone for watching the video.